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John is an accomplished voiceover artist. He has been the network voice for shows on FOX and The CW, and is the narrator for the UFC on ESPN. He has voiced hundreds of national commercials for brands including Visa, Toyota, Kia, Nikon, Nestle, Bud Light, Pennzoil, Wells Fargo, Opdivo, Qualcomm, Blackrock and many others, as well as promo and narration for FOX, ESPN, NBC Sports, FOX Sports, the NFL, MLB, MLS, NASCAR and 60 Minutes.

John can be heard narrating the true crime series One Deadly Mistake on Oxygen. He was the voice of Mucinex for 8 years, and has appeared on Telltale's Minecraft and Batman games.

John is equipped with a professional-grade home recording studio, including a double-walled Whisper Room and Source Connect Standard. For full specs, contact John or his representation here.  

CommercialsJohn Sanders
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PromosJohn Sanders
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NarrationJohn Sanders
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